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About Leeds Microbubble Consortium

Leeds Microbubble Consortium brings together engineers, physicists, chemists and cancer specialists from across the University to work on the technique of using small gas filled bubbles to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to a tumour, using ultrasound to image the bubbles as well as promoting delivery of the drug.


Bubbles for Targeting and Treatment of Biofilm Infections

We propose to use molecularly targeted bubbles combined with ultrasound (US) to localise therapeutic delivery to specific sites of infection. Further, we are seeking to understand whether the controlled bursting of such bubbles using US can lead to improved more >

Microbubble Enhanced Imaging and Therapeutic Delivery

This project addresses several key challenges that need to be resolved to allow the clinical development of MBs as combined therapy and diagnostic agents. In our recent EPSRC Programme we succeeded in building an instrument for the manufacture of MBs... read more >

Hydrophobic Drug Delivery

This project is focused around the research of Microbubbles for Hydrophobic Drug Delivery and Enhanced Diagnostics. This will be used for personalised healthcare for the treatment of Colorectal Cancer, commonly referred to as Bowel Cancer. Professor Steve Evans, University of Leeds, School of Physics and Astronomy is leading the project... read more >

The Horizon Microbubble Maker